In January 2015, after what seemed to have been 15 very successful years working in the marketing field, I realised that I needed a radical lifestyle change!

I had to surrender to a powerful coping mechanism, a process addiction that I had learned to hide from everyone for over 25 years, because of the amount of shame it brought me – damaging my relationships and my ability to live a fulfilling, joyful life.

Through this process I was able to transform my life, and now I want to share what I’ve learned in order to help those who find themselves in a similar situation.

My knowledge is grounded in the steps I took to find a solid recovery – from my treatment at an addiction clinic and the 12-Step Fellowship meetings, to the therapy groups I attended. I trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and as a Recovery Assistant, and then went on to complete the Beyond Addiction Course co-facilitated by Dr. Gabor Mate.

I’ve fully embraced every minute of my recovery journey – feeling compelled to find the most effective tools in dealing with the behaviours we engage in, which end up having devastating effects on our lives.

I’m really excited about my new journey where I offer a safe space to share knowledge, experience and tools to others suffering from addiction, burnout or depression.

You can find out more information about what I offer head to:

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