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Charles is an Engineer by trade. He currently runs his own recruitment company, specialising in the recruitment of professionals for the mining and engineering industries.

The world of breath-work beckoned Ericka many years ago. She qualified as a rebirther breathworker and have studied with Leonard Orr and other rebirthing teachers both in USA, England and South Africa.

Janine has a deep love for healing arts. Her aim is to help people safely transform and transcend the pain of the past so that they can have a fulfilled present and create the future of their dreams.

Freddie is a professional Specialist Wellness Counsellor, registered with the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners, born, bred and educated in Johannesburg.

In January 2015, after what seemed to have been 15 very successful years working in the marketing field, I realised that I needed a radical lifestyle change!

Doug has been on the forefront of some incredible projects and is presently working with a range of recovery professionals in the construction of an automated addiction recovery programme via web, mobile and app technology.

Lea is a Health Coach, Integrative Nutritionist and Body Health Care Practitioner based in Stellenbosch. Her area of expertise is detoxification – both nutritionally and therapeutically.

Corrie Davidson is a Cape Town based therapist and has been working in the field of addiction, co-dependency and trauma on both an in-patient and out-patient basis since 1982.

I am passionate about helping and assisting clients on a partnership basis. I believe strongly in the value individuals can add to organisations and enjoy engaging individuals to help them grow and develop.

I am passionate about supporting individuals who find themselves experiencing difficulties related to trauma, loss or those wishing to explore relationship difficulties as well as challenges during times of life transition.

Dr Meyer has hugely contributed to the development of the recovery industry in South Africa and more specifically Cape Town. Today South Africa is known for the excellent standard in the treatment of various addictions.

Desiree-Anne is an experienced addictions counsellor, a published poet and author. She is helplessly addicted to the concepts of hope and resilience.

Warren Lucas is an Exercise Scientist, registered for a PhD in Medicine (Exercise Science) at the University of Cape Town, and a PhD Scientist Intern at the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Research Unit of the South African Medical Research Council.

Dr. Michael P. Demask, PhD, LP, has contributed to both mental health and addiction recovery services for more than 32 years in the USA and various other countries.

Managing Director of the Recovery Direct Group in South Africa. I needed help. Badly. I was desperate. However – I struggled to find it. That’s because my background has resulted in my being driven by a need for evidence.

Reto is a dynamic, brilliantly spoken and most importantly, fantastic at conveying complex information and messages in a way that is both understandable and relatable. He has been heavily involved in the creation of the psychoeducational content that is implemented at Recovery Direct and has a particular interest in psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and family systems work.

John Ritchie sent to years as an Assistant Pastor, before deciding to embark on a professional career. He is now a retired electronics engineer.

At a broken point in her life, she realised that the end of her story may not be a good one. After a lifetime of active addiction, through her fellowship and a 12 step program, she found recovery.

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