Lea is a Health Coach, Integrative Nutritionist and Body Health Care Practitioner based in Stellenbosch.

Her area of expertise is detoxification – both nutritionally and therapeutically.

Her clients range from individuals who wish to prevent, alleviate or eradicate the symptoms of modern-day disease and ailments such as diabetes, IBS, arthritis and allergies to healthy people wanting to improve on the quality of their health through optimal nutrition and the practice of regular and ongoing detoxification. She also has success with athletes who wish to keep their immune system functioning optimally, resulting in high-level health, improved performance and faster post-exercise recovery rates.

She combines nutritional cleanses with Advances Reflexology, Manual Colon Cleanse (not colonic irrigation), Detox Body Wraps and Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder method).

The liver is the one of the body’s major detoxification organs – alongside the kidneys, skin and lungs. The liver also acts as a kind of power station where the decisions are made about where nutrients, enzymes, toxins and many other by-products of the body’s many metabolic functions should go. The liver will always make the safety of the organs its priority. When the liver is over-taxed by an influx of toxins, it will store these toxins elsewhere in the body – as far away as possible from the organs. It will first do its digestive duties and make sure that hormonal balance is maintained. The toxins will then remain and accumulate in exile (fat cells, joints, etc.) until the liver has a moment to deal with them. This only happens when the liver is given a complete break, as during a detox. Therefore, the normal detox symptoms like headaches, joint pain and nausea normally kick in after a day or 2 into a detox – the liver can send the message to the extremities to release the toxins so that they can finally be eliminated.

When a person has been abusing substances for an extended period, the toxic load in the body will be substantially larger than in a body that has been dealing with “normal” levels of toxicity. When the liver starts to release these toxins into the bloodstream, it is important to assist the process in a way where the toxins aren’t “dumped” into the bloodstream too quickly as this can cause harm to the organs.

It is therefore advisable to let an expert guide you through the process.

I do think that a detox during recovery will also assist greatly in preventing relapses as final traces of drugs and alcohol are released from the system and increased levels of confidence and self-appreciation are a definite bonus! When you fall in love with the powerful vessel that enshrines your soul, you are unlikely to want to do any damage to it ever again.

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