Janine has a deep love for healing arts. Her aim is to help people safely transform and transcend the pain of the past so that they can have a fulfilled present and create the future of their dreams.

Janine is an artist, dancer, singer, and healer. In her work with clients, she guides them in the inner worlds, helping them clear their emotional baggage so that they can access their inner spirit and live lives of truth and joy.

She holds a BA in Eurythmy, (the sacred study of sound and movement.) Her vast knowledge in the healing modalities of Reiki, Shiatsu, Yoga, Life Coaching, Permaculture, Emotional Freedom Technique, sacred geometry, flower remedies and sacred song is balanced by her intuitive wisdom, warmth, and compassion.

Personally, she suffered from the effects of many traumas and near-death experiences. These led to addictive issues from which she has successfully recovered with the help of 12 step programs. The debilitating symptoms of PTSD eventually culminated in severe phobias and adrenal fatigue. She found a way back into life with Matrix Re-Imprinting, Access Bars and nature immersion the healing power of sound and song. It is her deepest joy to share this work with people as she has the privilege of witnessing clients becoming ever freer of their burdens and living in ever deeper alignment with their true nature and purpose.

She offers healing programs from her home, nestled between the nature reserve and the river in Somerset West. Zoom sessions are also available for worldwide clients and if you would enjoy some sacred song and sound, she offers meditative sound journeys for yoga studios and home blessings in the Western Cape. If you enjoy colouring in, contact her about her magic mandalas, a great tool to develop your abundance and gratitude. How does it get any better than that?

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