Gary Breytenbach

I needed help. Badly. I was desperate.

However – I struggled to find it. That’s because my background has resulted in my being driven by a need for evidence. I need to know that whatever I am medically engaging in is being driven by studies, statistics and above all – that it LOGICALLY MAKES SENSE.

Given these criteria, I could not find any appropriate residential treatment options in South Africa wherein I could admit myself for treatment. So I joined an outpatient programme, which made sense because it was treating my trauma, the root cause of what was resulting in the symptoms that I had.

So, I got better. Fast.

While on this particular journey in recovery, I thought to myself… if this level of treatment is not residentially available, then I best change that. That way, I could

Using my training as a Chartered Accountant, along with the skills that I gained through my therapeutic journey (which continues to this day), I quickly put together a strong team of professionals who are astounding at what they do – namely, getting to the root cause of what is going on with someone who needs help, what to do about it and then how to implement the needed changes.

Since inception, Recovery Direct has provided life-saving treatment to hundreds in need. During this time, I have pushed for the honing of our treatment programme, increasing the individualization of patient treatment and have been able to therefore facilitate treatment for ‘The Untreatables’ – people for whom conventional treatment has not worked in the past.

Recovery Direct has expanded since its creation in 2017 and continues to grow from strength to strength.

Now – I am working on how to leverage our reach, so that we can make our treatment methodology and bespoke treatment available to the masses. Everyone deserves the best treatment suited for them.

This is one of many exciting projects currently in the pipeline….

Watch this space.

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