Doug has been on the forefront of some incredible projects in South Africa and is presently working with a range of recovery professionals in the construction of an automated addiction recovery programme via web, mobile and app technology.

The programme offers a personalised patient centred e-therapy that dynamically adjusts treatment modules to meet the individual needs of each patient allowing them to manage their own treatment over extended timeframes with scalable professional support.

The courseware is based on distillations of therapy from across the spectrum of addiction recovery yet permits users to select or suggests content that resonates with them to complete a range of dynamic non-confrontational continuums.

Doug is a co-founder of the National Relapse Prevention Community and Recovery Direct Group of exclusive treatment centres in Cape Town and is actively involved in profit and non-profit projects in the recovery community locally and abroad.

Over the last 5 years Doug has had a keen interest in working to establish support for trauma-based CBT therapies used in successful addiction recoveries. In partnership and under the guidance of Vaughan Pankhurst the clinical director of the Recovery Direct Group and founder of one of the top trauma treatment programmes in South Africa.

Attention deficit disordered, formerly identified as a substance abusing, using junkie, no good, school dropout.

Just also happens to be a father of two girls clean / sober for a decade, life hacker, entrepreneur and more recently coined the Creative Envelope Pusher.

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